Greg Housley was first introduced into the hobby in 1985 and worked in pet retail for 6 years before moving into aquatic wholesale. Greg continued in aquatic wholesale, supplying pet stores throughout the southeast, until 2004. Greg's intense fascination with the hobby led him to open his own store, Optimum Aquarium, in March of 2004. He now enjoys great satisfaction in creating a top quality aquarium store.

Optimum Aquarium strives to provide you with the ultimate in aquarium products and livestock. We are dedicated to providing you with a wide variety of healthy fish, invertebrates, and corals from around the world. Optimum Aquarium will never sell livestock that is not in pristine condition. All fish sold are readily accepting frozen or prepared foods and are in good weight and color. All corals and invertebrates also receive the best care possible while awaiting their future home. We would never sell anything to a customer that we wouldn't put in our own aquarium.

Optimum Aquarium also offers a large variety of dry goods for all your aquarium needs.